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她的故事结局是什么 她的故事剧情攻略

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她的故事结局是什么 她的故事剧情攻略

The interview tapes fEAture a woman who introduces herself as Hannah Smith (Viva Seifert), and whose husband Simon has gone missing, and has been later found murdered - Hannah admits that they had a difficult relationship, but has an alibi having been in Glasgow at the time after an argument. As the player finds more pieces of the interviews, it turns out that "Hannah" is actually two women, Hannah and Eve, who were born as identical twins, but were separated at birth by the midwife and didn't know about each other's existence until years later. When found out, the two girls decided to act as a single person, keeping a common diary and a set of rules that defined how they should act as "Hannah".

Hannah eventually begins dating Simon, who she meets at a glazier where they both work. Despite their ruleset, Hannah sleeps with Simon and gets pregnant, which upsets Eve, who makes an effort to get pregnant as well to keep up the facade, but can't - Hannah eventually miscarries in the eighth month. Years later Simon accidentally meets Eve in a bar where she's performing, and the two begin an affair, and Eve gets pregnant instead, but by this time Hannah is infertile.

On their birthday, Simon gives a handmade mirror to Hannah, but they have an argument when Hannah reveals that she has a sister who is pregnant - Simon realizes he's the father. The next day Eve has an argument (it's not made clear with whom) and flees to Glasgow. Hannah, wearing Eve's wig, confronts Simon, who, not realizing that it's Hannah, gives her another mirror - an exact copy of what he gave her the day before. Hannah becomes furious, and shatters the mirror, but when thrashing around with it, accidentally lodges it in Simon's throat, killing him. Eve arrives back, and the two women agree to hide Simon's body in the cellar, using Eve's trip to Glasgow (where she went to a hospital after being sick) as an alibi. Eve then notes that Hannah is "gone forever" and asks to speak to a lawyer.

As the player uncovers enough of the story, a chat window pops up on the computer screen asking if they're done. If they answer affirmatively, the other person reveals that the player is Sarah, Eve's daughter, and asks Sarah if she understands what her mother did, and asks her to meet her outside once she's done.


最后桌面会弹出一个“chat”,问你知道了吗(看了这么多应该知道了),回答yes,这是我们知道了我们玩家就是夏娃的私生女儿 Sarah,电脑端会问你是否明白母亲所作所为,并叫Sarah见她母亲一面。


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